Become a Speaker

The 2021 DONA International conference will be held online,  October 28th and 29th, 2020. Given that we’ve shifted the original in-person event to a virtual experience (again!), the conference committee is opening speaker selections for a short time. We invite proposals designed for virtual learning.

Call for Speaker Proposals

 DONA International’s Speaker Selection Team is looking for evidence-based presentations that provide transferable skills to our summit attendees. We invite speakers to share your expertise and shape the summit program by submitting a speaker proposal that will lend itself well to the 2020/2021 theme of connecting vision to action.  Presentations should reflect the vision of a doula for every person who wants one, and give tangible tools and skills for professionals to continue to move our vision forward with action.

DONA International has a culturally diverse membership, no less multicultural than the families we serve. We ask that speakers reflect that diversity in any images and language chosen for their presentation.

Proposal Submission

We are opening speaker proposal submissions and are seeking presentations on the intersection of childbirth, postpartum, and breastfeeding to be submitted as soon as possible. We are reviewing submission on an ongoing basis, so please submit as soon as you are able.  Topic suggestions include:

  • Doula Mentoring
  • Cultural Competence & Implicit Bias in Healthcare
  • Business/Legal
  • COVID-19 and the Doula/Client
  • Birth Equity/Inequity with BIPOC and Marginalized Populations
  • Anti-Racism in Birth
  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Doula and Client Healing and Mental Health
  • Evidenced-Based Practice and Research
  • Advocacy or Community Organizing
  • International Birth and Postpartum Perspectives
  • Birth Professional Skill Builders
  • Challenges and Solutions in the Birth World
  • Personal and General Professional Development
  • Childbirth, Postpartum, Breastfeeding etc.
  • Postpartum Mental Health

In order to submit, you will need the following information ready:

  • Brief description
  • Teaching methods
  • Session details
  • Speaker bio
  • Cv/resume
  • Professional headshot

Ready to submit your proposal? Visit the online form here.


Speaker honorarium includes $400 as well as the opportunity to register for the full event at 50% registration fees.


The deadline for all submissions is August 31, 2021.

Questions? Contact us via email