Birth and Postpartum Plans: Changing the Point of View

Traditional birth and postpartum plans tend to focus on the available obstetric programs. However, aren’t there additional considerations beyond these options? People who have undergone previous negative experiences, particularly within medical contexts, commonly face fear and distrust, and adopt avoidance strategies. Do they feel that their experiences and needs are adequately recognized and catered to within the traditional plan?

At the same time, establishing trust between parents and medical professionals is crucial for emotional well-being during childbirth and the postpartum period. Nevertheless, there is often a lack of individual coping strategies and the ability to build a positive relationship with medical staff. An individualized birth and postpartum plan can facilitate the communication of key needs and coping strategies, as well as create a welcoming and trusting atmosphere with the care team. In this session, international speaker, Zuzana Laubmann will take us through essential elements of birth and postpartum planning to bring harmony and openness to foster connections within the plan.