Birth Biomechanics: Creating Optimal Space in the Pelvis for an Easier Birth

Did you know that the movements that open the top of the pelvis will restrict the bottom of the pelvis, and vice versa? Join Exercise Physiologist, birth doula and founder of the Body Ready Method®, Lindsay McCoy, to learn how to know what to do when, and why to encourage progress in labor. We will learn about the 3 levels of the pelvis, work through “birth detective” skills to learn how to know where the baby is in the pelvis without a vaginal exam, and then work through a 3 part process to help navigate a labor stall from a physiological perspective. Then, we will practice movements and hands-on techniques to create more balance and space based on our birth detective information for the most easeful journey possible.

This 2-hour pre-conference session will be held as part of the 3- session track series. Pre-Conference A, Session Three