Doulas We Got Your Back!

The pandemic solidified a major shift in childbirth practices. Regulations often restricted significant others and the support team of women giving birth for their special day. This brought on additional stress and concern and yet many adapted. We witnessed many choosing home births and birthing centers. Employing doulas, midwives, and a natural birth team. Doulas became a “thing” that many who were previously unfamiliar with began requesting.
Doulas I know were busier than ever, helping families welcome their newest members into the world. However, the workload and great lengths they go to ensure a successful outcome added stress to their bodies. What if there is a way to decrease dystocia, dysfunction, and difficult births? What if you could partner with someone who has your best interests in mind? A partner that can help the mom and help you simultaneously? Join me as I discuss the 4 Ps of prenatal care and why partnering with a chiropractor adds value to your client.