Support for Doulas Without Children

A growing number of doula professionals do not have the lived experience of having their own children; this unique population of doulas often faces adversity due to societal assumptions and a higher risk of struggling with imposter syndrome. Whether you are a doula without children, a newer doula experiencing similar concerns, or a seasoned doula who mentors others, this session will provide validation, education, and empowerment.
Krista Maltais, Advanced Postpartum Doula and Postpartum Doula Trainer, brings her personal experience of becoming a postpartum doula at the age of 23 and spending 7 years working as a doula before having her first child, into this session. Krista will facilitate reflection activities and opportunities for conference participants to:
• understand potential challenges doulas without children may face
• discover strengths and benefits doulas without children may have
• determine specific strategies for overcoming areas of common concern
• identify resources for personal and professional development
• learn how to effectively collaborate with and support doulas without children
While the key messages in this session will be focused on encouraging and empowering doulas without children, the objectives and strategies taught can be used to enhance confidence, collaboration, and success for ALL doulas!