Level Up Your Doula Tool Kit with Prenatal Yoga Poses & Prenatal Yoga Nidra (Pre-Con Track A)

Are you looking for some new movement and positions to use with clients in preparation for birth and postpartum? Then this session is for you!
This pre-con is for birth workers who specifically work closely with clients who have passed their 12th week of gestation, but can also be attended by all seeking a Beginner/Gentle Yoga/Nidra practice to relax, stretch, and connect with their own body. Certified Yoga instructor, Mary Peralta will guide all attendees in an engaging Prenatal Yoga movement and information session which will enable them to take away poses they can use with their clients or for themselves.
The session is centered on empowering families through labor, birth, and recovery through the practice of postures and breathing while developing strength and a deeper connection to their babies. Birth workers can use Prenatal Yoga poses to encourage clients and their support persons who are with them during pre- and active labor.
Prenatal Yoga poses and Yoga Nidra help to develop mindfulness of the transition of the body during pregnancy help strengthen and relax the body and mind while nurturing the relationship with their new little one.
All are welcome regardless of previous yoga experience! This session will include a full Prenatal Yoga class and comfortable clothing is advised.

Pre-Conference Info:

Participants may choose either Track A or Track B. All three sessions in the respective track are included for the add-on registration fee of $99 ($125 late). If all 3 sessions in the track are attended, 6 contact hours will be awarded.