Level Up Your Online Presence: A Social Media Workshop with Tiktok Creator, Jen Hamilton (Pre-Con Track B)

Pre-Conference Track B: Session Three

The internet can be a scary place but is also an integral part of many people’s everyday life. As we work to meet people where they are and positively impact birth outcomes, social media presence and savvy are more important than ever. In this pre-conference workshop Jen will discuss how to leverage your professional knowledge, experience, and network to create a better personal and professional platform online. We’ll discuss how to build your platforms, connect with potential clients, stay out of drama, and make the most positive impact on your business and the birthing community.

Pre-Conference Info:

Participants may choose either Track A or Track B. All three sessions in the respective track are included for the add-on registration fee of $99 ($125 late). If all 3 sessions in the track are attended, 6 contact hours will be awarded.