Looking for Equity in Childbirth? Start By Looking in the Mirror and Get Ready to Get Uncomfortable

The culture of childbirth in this society reflects the best and worst of who we are. Childbirth inequities are a tangible expression of the value we place on womanhood, social identities (especially race), and the role of women in bringing forth new life.

The journey to childbirth and health equity starts with introspection, discomfort, and ultimately requires that we change ourselves in order to change the world. To produce the childbirth experience and birth outcome every woman and child deserve, we must apply an equity lens to our practices and even to our language. That requires each of us to ask, “Who experiences the benefit and who experiences the burden of my decisions, behaviors, and actions?”

In this session we will explore how to change language, develop leadership, and apply an equity lens – all to create a culture of equity in childbirth.