Mastering Insurance and Retirement as a Doula (Pre-Con Track B)

Track B: Session Two

The landscape of doula care is complex and ever-evolving, with insurance playing a crucial role in both the professional and personal lives of doulas. However, navigating these waters can be challenging without the right tools and knowledge. In this session, we delve into the intricacies of “Insurance 101” – giving participants an in-depth understanding of the insurance landscape as it applies to perinatal practitioners.

We also explore the routes to successfully navigate employee benefits packages, shedding light on how to leverage these pathways to ensure payment. But insurance isn’t just about the here and now. It’s a gateway to future security – health, disability, life, and retirement planning. We aim to make insurance work for YOU, transforming it from an abstract concept into a tangible tool for financial planning and stability.

This session serves a dual purpose. First, it provides doulas with the foundational tools needed to journey through the evolution of doula care in relation to public, private and employer insurance. Simultaneously, it aims to equip doulas with the information and action plans necessary for building a secure retirement or transition plan while practicing as a doula. Join us as we chart a course toward greater financial security in the doula profession.

Pre-Conference Info:

Participants may choose either Track A or Track B. All three sessions in the respective track are included for the add-on registration fee of $99 ($125 late). If all 3 sessions in the track are attended, 6 contact hours will be awarded.