Perinatal mental health complications are the MOST COMMON complication of pregnancy and childbirth, impacting 1 in 5 pregnant or postpartum people, and negatively affecting 800,000 families each year in the United States, and more world-wide.  Tragically, suicide and overdose combined are the LEADING CAUSE of perinatal mortality, contributing to almost 25% of deaths (of note, the leading cause of death for women of color remains cardiac and coronary conditions).  The vast majority of individuals who experience perinatal mental health conditions do not receive adequate treatment, increasing the risk of long-term negative impact on the birthing person, baby, and family — and costing  more than $14.2 billion each year in poor birth and health outcomes along with lost wages and productivity.
This presentation will provide information about perinatal mental health conditions, including facts and figures, signs and symptoms, risk factors, impact on parents and baby, and opportunities for intervention.