ONE MORE SHOT: a documentary about infertility and making modern families

The viewing of the film “One More Shot” will help you learn the basic facts about infertility as a disease that affects 1 in 8 couples in the U.S. and the common stigmas those experiencing infertility may face.  The film will introduce the emotional landscape for the infertility patient and help you understand how a “journey to parenthood” may impact a pregnancy, birth/delivery, and the postpartum period.

We hope you can explore the important role of the doula for infertility patients and how specific adjustments in language and empathy may subtly increase patient care.  Doulas can make a difference in areas of language, conceptualization of infertility patients, normalizing various challenges and losses and identity transitions, helping to empower the new mother/parents to build confidence in their body and role as a deserving mother, to identify postpartum depression and anxiety and to provide referrals as needed.

For Conference Attendees:

1:  To best support Maya and the project, we invite you to access One More Shot directly from your own Netflix account at your convenience.
2:  If you do not currently subscribe to Netflix, please email Ravae Sinclair at [email protected] for a free direct link to the documentary.