Sharing Experiences As a Doula: Whether, When, and How to Talk About What It Was Like For You

Have you ever wanted to say, “ME TOO!”, or “That’s NOT how it happened to me!”, to a client? Doulas often approach births with experience – as a hopeful parent, as a birthing person, or as a doula at other births. Sharing these background experiences with clients or potential clients can sometimes create problems or difficulties by centering the conversation on the doula, sometimes even changing the direction of care. However, sometimes, sharing these experiences can create opportunities for clients to feel less alone. In this session, sociologist Dr. Abby Jorgensen will discuss some guiding principles for determining whether to share your own experience, especially in very difficult situations of bereavement and trauma. She will also provide tips for sharing in the healthiest and most honorable way possible, when appropriate. Join Dr. Abby as we discuss ways to engage with our own stories while playing a role in those of others.