The Next Level: What the Future Holds for Hospital-Based Doula Collaboration

Parent experiences during childbirth in the hospital setting can be deeply affected by the relationships and interactions between the support team and medical providers.  At the same time, we know that at times it can be challenging to foster a great working relationship between the various people on the birthing team. In this session, L&D nurse and Tiktok creator, Jen Hamilton will discuss the doula/provider relationship and how to create the best possible space for birthing families.  Although Jen has 3 million Tiktok followers, she still works at the bedside caring for families as they go through the birth process.  She is passionate about the importance of doulas in the hospital and will share insight into what she believes are the factors that contribute to more powerful relations. Doulas and medical providers working together to create the most positive and safe environment for birthing people will ultimately be the future of collaboration that will take client support to the next level.