The Postpartum Partner: Exploring the Role of Male Figures and Non-Lactating Support for New Families

As we seek to increase breastfeeding success rates and affect maternal and infant health in the first weeks postpartum, we sometimes have a missing link; intentional support at home! In this session, Mr. Wesley Bugg will share information about the organization ROBE (Reaching Our Brothers Everywhere, inc.) which seeks to educate, equip, and empower men to impact an increase in breastfeeding rates and a decrease in infant mortality rates within African-American communities. The session will discuss the importance of male figures and other non-lactating support people in the breastfeeding journey, the updated CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and WHO (The World Health Organization) guidelines for safe sleep, and explore the positive intergenerational impact of breastfeeding. He will also discuss the need for education and advocacy throughout society, as well as the power of listening to community members and the magnification of services that occurs through effective professional partnering. Doulas will leave this session with information and resources to help prepare families for intentional postpartum family support as they transition to parenthood.