The Practical Use of the Mexican Rebozo for Optimal Birth Outcomes

This pre-conference workshop will provide an introduction of the Mexican rebozo as a tool to support and aid in doula work by exploring comfort measure techniques, identifying when and how to use the rebozo, creating opportunities for contact between family members and between the doula and pregnant person to relax and open up the emotional body.

We will explore using the rebozo as a tool to aid birth professionals in achieving their goals for positioning of the birthing person and exploring the baby’s rotations within the body. There’s an opportunity for team collaboration in birth through the use of rebozo in birth and in the immediate postpartum period. Learn how the rebozo can be used for mother and baby connection and in the postpartum period for closing of the body and helping the woman close and assimilate the birth cycle.

This 9:00am – 3:00pm will include time for lunch on your own.