Their Presence, How to Utilize Non Birthing Partners, for Best Possible Birth and Postpartum Outcomes

Dads, Partners, and other support people play a pivotal role in creating positive, safe, and productive birthing spaces, and doulas working collaboratively with the support people bring a powerful dynamic for the client. In this session, doula Joshua Zawadi, owner of the Melanated Daddy and the signature non-birthing parenting course Dad Doula, will share important insight into how doulas can best work together with non-birthing partners to create relationships and incorporate them into the space as accomplices in the work. The session will include tactics on how doulas can help birthing partners become better advocates on behalf of the birthing person and other tips that will enhance the doulas’ understanding of the power of the partner.

Doulas have a unique ability to build relationships and amplify the role of the partner, resulting in better birth and postpartum experiences and increased comfort and safety of the client as they experience one of life’s most significant journeys.