Unconditional Positive Regard: Harm Reduction Approach to Doula Work

Explore the vital role of doulas in supporting pregnant individuals with drug use or a history of drug use. Drawing from experience in Philadelphia, doula, MaryNissi Lemon will highlight the importance of unconditional positive regard, holistic care, and trust in empowering expectant parents. Attendees will gain insight into understanding unconditional positive regard in doula care, embracing holistic support beyond drug use, and cultivating trust in individuals’ decision-making.

Central to this discussion is the concept of coming to space believing that people are inherently good; addressing the whole person rather than solely focusing on drug use, and, most importantly, trusting a person’s capacity to choose what is best for them based on their unique circumstances. Join this session to discuss transformative approaches to doula support in challenging contexts, essential for navigating pregnancy and birth within communities affected by drug use.