Averjill Rookwood CD,CEO, The Corporate Doula | Co-Founder The Doula Friendly Initiative

Averjill Rookwood

Averjill Rookwood is a seasoned doula and benefits strategist, merging over two decades of leadership experience in national hospital systems and Fortune 100 companies with a deep passion for fertility, birth, and postpartum doula care. Her private practice, The Corporate Doula, and cofounding A&A Doula Consulting, are testament to her commitment to compassionate, culturally aware, and evidence-based care.

Beyond her direct doula work, Averjill plays a pivotal role in improving maternal and infant health at the community level. She has participated in the development of state plan Medicaid doula programs and nurtured partnerships with faith communities and state and regional grant-funded doula initiatives. With her expertise in program assessment, policy development, and project implementation, Averjill assists healthcare facilities in their path toward earning a Doula Friendly Designation.

One of Averjill’s standout contributions to the field is her commitment to the financial health and wellness of doulas. Recognizing the unique challenges doulas face when planning for retirement, she utilizes her extensive benefits background to educate and guide doulas in creating robust retirement and benefits plans. She champions a vision where doulas not only provide vital support during the transformative journey of birth but also secure their own financial future, thus ensuring sustainability in the profession.

Averjill’s dedication to making a positive impact on families and providers in birthing spaces and her tireless efforts to remove barriers to balanced doula integration in healthcare facilities underscore her unwavering commitment to the field. She regards her work as an honor and brings a relentless drive to her endeavors, continually striving to elevate the integration of and access to doula care. Visit to learn more.