Abby Hall Luca MA, CPM

Abby Hall Luca

Rev. Abby Hall Luca, MA, CPM is a life-long post-secondary educator and administrator in the fields of Writing, Literature, Midwifery, and Chaplaincy; she has served birthing families in Alabama, Maine, New Hampshire, and India as a midwife, doula, placental encapsulationist, and childbirth educator; and she is an ordained interfaith chaplain whose private practice The Hearth Chaplain supports the strictly secular, the devoutly religious, and everything in between in the search for spiritual meaning, purpose, and wellness. Abby and her steadfast partner Stephen, her magical daughter Ruby, and her moody cat Banksy live in a rambling old farmhouse at the foothills of what are now called the White Mountains, on Abenaki land known to its current occupants as Maine