Dalia Abrams MPH, LCCE, BDT/CD(DONA), Co-Presenter

Dalia Abrams

Dalia is the Program Director of BirthWell Partners, a community doula project based in Birmingham AL. She is the doula trainer for the program, mentors new BirthWell doulas and coordinates their work with BirthWell’s under-resourced/marginalized clients. Dalia has been doing birth work since 1997; teaching childbirth classes, providing breastfeeding support, birth doula work and most recently, training birth doulas (2013). She received her master’s degree in Public Health from UAB’s School of Public Health with a focus on Maternal and Child Health in 2006, and has since blended birthwork with reproductive justice advocacy through BirthWell Partners. She is also a wife and the mother of four amazing grown children. Dalia devotes her time to improving birth because she believes that an empowering birth experience powerfully and positively impacts the goals birth-givers and parents set for themselves, ultimately making the world a better place for us all.