Gail Tully CPM

Gail Tully

Gail Tully, CPM, has over 35 years of birth experience including 20 years as a homebirth midwife, DONA International Doula Trainer (1999-2010), and creator of Spinning Babies®, a leading source for physiological birth.

She started as a homebirth midwife in 1990 and currently offers breech mentoring. In addition to her work with Spinning Babies®, Gail founded one of the nation’s largest doula non-profits and a hospital doula program.

Gail is the author of several publications including Changing Birth On Earth; A Midwife and Nurse’s Guide to Using Physiology to Avoid Another Unnecessary Cesarean; Belly Mapping Workbook; How Kicks and Wiggles Reveal Your Baby’s Position, Spinning Babies® Quick Reference, A Trainer in your pocket; and Breech Birth Quick Guide; When Your Baby Lies  Sideways; and Helping Your Breech Baby Turn (ebook).

Back in the day, Gail was kept busy organizing doula program development in hospitals and community non-profits in Minneapolis/St. Paul while training doulas. Spinning Babies®, Belly Mapping®, Belly Mapping MethodTM, Resolving Shoulder Dystocia, and now Breech Basics are the unique offerings from Gail Tully.

Gail and her husband live near Minneapolis, to find Gail online, visit