Maria Andreoulaki CD/BDT(DONA)

Maria Andreoulaki

Maria Andreoulaki, CD/BDT(DONA), born and raised in Athens, Greece, had a background in music, dance, theater and language studies, before dedicating herself to birth and social activism thirty years ago and moving to Doula & Doula Trainer work. She has also been certified as a Butterfly Touch Massage Teacher, Reflexologist, Gentle Bio-Energetics Practitioner, and Re-evaluation Counseling Teacher. Maria has traveled extensively throughout Europe as a Country Representative working closely with various birth rights networks and organizations, and has participated in and organized numerous local and international events aiming to raise awareness and bring improvement on issues of accessibility, equity, and human rights in childbirth, parenting, sustainability, education, diversity, disability, language liberation, conflict resolution, trauma prevention & restoration, social justice, discrimination and more. She has been a leader in local doula organizations, the European Doula Network and is a DONA International volunteer.