Dr. Spela Peternel PhD, AdvCD(DONA)

Dr. Spela Peternel

Dr. Špela Peternel, DONA Ambassador, Europe, is mother of three magical daughters. Ms. Peternel has been a certified advanced DONA doula, Childbirth international childbirth educator and breastfeeding consultant, Mother rooster postpartum doula and counselor for almost 15 years. She is active member of European Doula Network (EDN). She was working as a scientist in the field of biomedical research for 15 years and has a PhD in Biomedicine. Her passion is studying the art and magic of life and as a doula she is studying how feelings and emotions affect the birth and postpartum period. She is homeopathic and flower essences practitioner as well as DreamBirth practitioner. Currently she is studying the art of Saphire Imagery at the School of Images in New York. She is head of the MY DOULA association and training program. She is training doulas in Slovenia, and working as a birth activist and childbirth educator as well as connecting doulas and giving her best efforts for the doula profession to be recognized and understood in her country and beyond. She attended more than 350 births, and otherwise supported more than 3000 families on their path into parenthood.