Visit Calgary and Banff

Calgary, located in the western province of Alberta is a city rich with beautiful landscapes, picturesque skylines, and urban vibrancy. Calgary  The city has a dynamic array of experiences that allow both visitors and Calgarians endless opportunities for adventure and to live in the moment.

This Calgary Visitors Guide will give you lots of great information about traveling to this great conference location.

The City

With community spirit at its core, Calgary is a young, energetic and diverse city full of shareable experiences.

From excellent food to great experiences, Calgary has much to offer.  Some of the hot spots in Calgary include the Calgary Tower, Calgary Zoo, and Olympic Park.

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Check out this Calgary Visitors Guide to learn more about this great city.

The Mountains

About an hour outside of Calgary, the Canadian Rocky Mountains stand ready to welcome you.  A popular ski destination in the winter is also a stunningly beautiful vacationing spot in the summer and fall.  Banff National Park boasts  6,641 square km (2,564 sq mi)[2] of mountainous terrain, with many lakes, glaciers and ice fields, dense coniferous forest, and alpine landscapes. We hope that DONA Summit attendees take some time to enjoy the beauty of the mountains while visiting Calgary with at least a day trip!