Sarah Juliusson Founder, The Website Doula, Certified StoryBrand Guide, MSN, She/Her/Hers

Sarah Juliusson

Yes, there really is such a thing as a Website Doula! Sarah Juliusson is a web designer specializing in smart, strategic design for health & wellness business owners. She began her career 30+ years ago as a doula, the same year as DONA was founded! In her 20+ years of birth work, she attended hundreds of births, trained as a midwife, got a Master of Science in Perinatal Nursing, worked as a maternity nurse, and built a successful childbirth education agency.

Since 2011 she has helped hundreds of birth, postpartum & wellness professionals build websites that convert site visitors into beloved clients. As a Certified StoryBrand guide, she helps clients clarify their messaging and develop effective online marketing strategies. As the Website Doula, she brings the doula spirit to the world of web design, providing nurturing, intuitive, evidence-based care.

Sarah and her family live in Saint Paul MN and Vancouver Island, BC. To find Sarah online, visit